Winter skin care: 6 ways to take care of your skin in winter

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Winter is the best season – for skiing, ice skating and hot chocolates but…. not for your skin! 

When any skin fanatic thinks about Winter, all they can think is dry hands, chapped lips and irritated skins.  Of course there are plenty of other things to be happy about winter but your skin is not one of them. 

During this time of the season, due to extreme dry weather the skin undergoes a lot of torture and breaks down. (We all do that sometimes, right?) Thankfully, a little bit of prep can save your skin from this havoc and help it be healthy throughout the season. 

Here are some of the tips which I find are most useful to follow so your skin shines in the cold seasons, even though the sun doesn’t :

More moisturizers

As I told before, you have to use a moisturizer all year round but during winter. You have to change the way you do it usually. How? Switch to a heavier moisturizer for more hydration because your skin needs extra hydration for the painful dry weather. 

Take “short” hot showers

It is tempting to go for a long hot shower in the cold weather, everyone wants that. But…hot showers can damage your skin. I am not telling you to take a cold shower (run!), no I certainly am not. Rather you can opt for a shorter (5-10 min) lukewarm shower and save your skin. 

Use sunscreens

Don’t be shocked, even though there is no sun and you are wrapped in layers, you still need to use SPF. Your skin needs SPF whole year and you can’t ditch it just cause you can’t see the sun shining! Compared to summer, the UV rays are weaker  in winter but the rays which cause wrinkles, premature aging and damage are still there all year round. As I suggested a heavy moisturizer earlier, using a simple powder block is in this season is good enough as protection. 

Stay hydrated

You can’t expect your skin to glow by only hydrating it from outside. Drinking enough water is a practice every skin expert will suggest you to do, but in winter it’s even more crucial. The weather is so dry that you keep losing water through your skin leaving your skin dry and flaky. Thus keep track of your water intake along with your moisturizer usage and hydrate from inside out.

Change your cleansers

The extreme weather condition makes your skin more reactive to anything. Check your cleanser’s ingredient list and if it contains alcohol, simply throw it into garbage (I mean it!). Alcohol based cleansers are too harsh for skin in a cold weather so it is better if you switch into a mild fragrance free cleanser during this weather. You can also go for a hydrating cleanser or toner, that helps too.

Exfoliate less

Exfoliating your skin is a must as it removes the dead cells. Although there are some arguments, it is better to exfoliate less than usual in winter. I am not saying you should not do it at all. You must do it as skin cells become dry and die out fast in this time of the year. However, limiting it to once or twice is better as overdoing it might make your skin dry and irritated. And if you feel like your skin actually needs more exfoliation, use the gentle exfoliators. 

infographic summarizing the winter skincare tips
Winter’s “must follow” skin care tips

With all those chilly air and dry heat, your skin goes through a lot and it needs you to be there for it. Act like a good friend of your skin and treat it with care when it requires it the most. 

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