Top 5 skin care myths and misconceptions we all believed at least once in our life

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When it comes to skin care, everyone has a bucket full of their own skin care facts and advice! 

Starting from drinking plenty of water (So basic!) to trying out all those sophisticated products, there are tons of skin care facts and tips which make your skin care even more confusing. But how many of those are actually true? It’s time to clear the air out. Ready?

Myth 1: Expensive skin care products work best

Okay we have been through this, “The more money you spend, the better you look”.  Wrong! You can have healthy skin even by using the simple drugstore skin care regimens.

Of course expensive products are on everyone’s wish list cause they make you feel like a celeb (I know right!) and smell great but they work exactly like the same way the drugstore products do. I mean skin is skin, it doesn’t understand the difference so you’re just wasting your money.

Myth 2: Face wipes can be used as a substitute of cleansers 

Don’t hate me for this, face wipes are GREAT but not as cleanser. They’re handy when you’re travelling or don’t have enough time to take your make-up off. 

However, as a primary cleanser they don’t work like a gentle foam/gel cleanser (I am sorry!). On top of that the chemicals used to keep the wipes moist can clog your pores. Go for a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil (it’s my fav) and use a gentle toner afterwards. 

Myth 3: Natural and organic products are always good

Ouch that hurt! With so many organic skin care companies on the rise, people have this misconception that going organic will save their skin. Unfortunately it’s not a skin care fact, in real it’s a myth.

I am not saying all the natural/organic products are just a lie, of course there is a broad range of natural ingredients which are really good for your skin. But some of the bad ones are lurking in those so called organic skin care products which can be harsh on your skin and damage it. For instance, when buying an organic product always go for those which have chamomile or sunflower oil and avoid fennel or citrus juice as they are harsh to the skin.

List of good natural ingredients-skin care facts
List of good natural skin care ingredients

Myth 4: If you have oily skin, you don’t need moisturizing

This is one of the most heard misconception in my opinion. People with oily skin believe they already have that shine on their face and obviously they don’t need it more. So they just skip the moisturizing part of their skin care routine.

Well – believe it or not, you have to put moisturizer on your skin and it applies to all skin type, including oily. However, for normal/dry skin choosing the right moisturizer can be easier than the oily skin. That’s why people with oily skin should opt for a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer so it won’t clog the skin pores.

Myth 5: Steams can open and close your pores 

What a shocker, right? This is considered as a skin care fact by so many people, even by me for a long time until I realized it’s a myth! 

Pores, unlike your muscles, can’t move. So opening and closing them is out of question. “So why all the salons use steam during the facials?”, I knew you’re going to ask! In salons, steam is used to moisturize the skin to make it softer. As a result the extractions are easier to perform and less painful.

Steaming also hydrates the skin and helps it to absorb enzymes, acids, and retinoids better. Not because the pores are more open, but moisturized skin absorbs these ingredients more promptly. All type of skin can benefit from steaming. And opening/closing pores has nothing to do with that. Get the fact right! 

And… that’s a wrap for today!

Congratulations, you’re now able to distinguish what’s actually a skin care fact and what’s fiction, I hope you’ll use your knowledge and put it together to start a skin care routine accordingly! Yes, I know you can do it! 

If you’re still clueless about where to start yet, you can read my blog on “A beginner’s guide to skin care: The basic 3 step cleansing routine” which talks about starting a skin care routine with basic cleansing! 

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