Eye cream on a budget: The inkey list caffeine eye cream review

When it comes to eye cream, the skin care world is divided into two parts. One part believes eye creams are just a gimmick. Whilst another group can go to any extent to try every eye creams ever existed. Well- doesn’t matter which group you belong to: the caffeine eye cream from inkey list is definitely going to blow all of your minds (don’t blame me later!).

Eye creams are always a matter of debate due to two reasons

One, their purpose has always been controversial and two, their price was out of reach. Now, their purpose is still not so accepted by many people. But, in case price point, The Inkey list, came forward. They introduced an affordable caffeine based cream particularly for under eye dark circles which I am going to review today.

But first thing first…

Do we really need eye cream?

I agree the beauty industry is full of products that has no actual purpose or value. It is quite difficult to filter the essential ones out from all the trash. So where do eye creams belong? Essential or optional? Skin care experts have different opinions regarding this.

The skin around your eyes are more delicate and thinner compare to the rest of your face

It is also quicker to show sign of aging and fatigue. The facial serums and moisturizers are usually formulated for the face, not for a gentle area like the eyes. They might contain actives which can cause irritation for a delicate area like eyes. Thus a lot of the skin care Nazis don’t recommend to allow those to reach to your eye area.

On the other hand, creams made for eyes are formulated with low doses of actives or some specific ingredients which are needed specifically for the skin under eyes. So they deliver the same moisturizing ingredients to the gentle skin of your eyes but not meant to cause any irritation. For example, if you have dehydrated skin like me, it’s very likely your under eye area is also dehydrated and requires extra care. In that case, using an extra cream for that delicate area is quite an essential for you.

Now dark circles under your eyes can form due to lack of sleep, dehydration or genetic / physical reasons

If  the reason behind your dark circles are your genes, or any underlying physical conditions such as anemia, no eye creams can help. For a situation like this, you need to see a doctor.

However there are some lucky people in this earth, with some unique skin types, who are doing just fine without any eye creams. Their moisturizers are doing great for their skin and if you are one of them, no need to spend extra pennies. Just be careful when you are using any acne/anti-aging products on your face cause that might irritate the under eye area.

women using eye cream
If your moisturizer is doing the work, no need to spend extra money on eye creams

A bit about the inky list…

The inky list eye creams and products
Products from The inkey list, photo : Marieclaire

The inkey list is a under 15$ skin care brand with a single ingredient skin care concept. They are a cruelty free brand and has a collection of 15 hero-ingredients. They make all of their products pretty simple to understand and want everyone to try out different products without going broke.

About the inky list caffeine eye cream and how to use it

The inkey list caffeine eye cream comes in a very simple packaging and instructions. The product claims to reduce under eye puffiness, dark circles and the appearance of fine lines.

The inky list eye cream
The inkey list caffeine eye cream

Applying an eye cream can be pretty tricky

A lot of people use it in a wrong way and then complain eye creams don’t work. I don’t blame them. But I am here to help.

The eye cream should always be applied on your eye socket, not on the eyelids. Always remember: you should put the cream near your eyes, neither on top of  your eyelids nor below of your bottom lashes.

  • To apply the eye cream, take a pea size of cream on your ring finger. Here’s the deal: the ring finger has the gentlest touch among all the fingers. Thus it is the best for applying eye creams as it won’t apply much pressure.
  • Then place 4-5 small dots in a semi-circle pattern from inner circle of your eye towards the brow bone.
  • After that, dab slowly from outer corner of the semi-circle to inward of it.
  • But be very careful about not stretching that area.
  • Give your skin a minute to absorb the eye cream and you are good to go!

A small tip: don’t forget to put the eye cream on your refrigerator. Why? Cause chilled eye cream is good for blood circulation so the cream works better.

4-5 dots of eye cream
apply 4-5 small dots of the cream on your eye socket and dab gently

The star ingredients…

The star ingredient of this product is caffeine as they named the cream after it. However, there are some other ingredients which are useful for your under eye area like glycerin, ethyl hexyl glycerin, butylene glycol and hyaluronic acid.

Like your morning, caffeine in this product can literally wake your skin up

Dark circles under eyes are formed due to age, sun damage and blood buildup. And puffiness occurs when blood and fluids build up under eye. Using caffeine in an eye cream stimulates the blood circulation. Also its antioxidant properties fight free-radical damage.

Along with caffeine the product has moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, ethyl hexyl glycerin, butylene glycol and hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients make sure the under eye area is properly hydrated and getting the moisture it requires.

My personal experience…

I have been using this product since last few months. I bought this product just out of curiosity. When I bought this product I was not familiar with the brand but I am happy that I included it in my skin care routine. My dark circles reduced, but did not go away completely. Eye creams are a long term commitment and you can’t expect to see results right away. Along with the dark circle,  the puffiness is not visible anymore. I never had any fine lines so can’t speak for that.

The good things about the inkey list caffeine eye cream:

  • Budget friendly
  • Quite concentrated so you don’t need much
  • Does what it claims
  • Simple minimalist packaging
  • Hyaluronic acid (saying the fan girl inside me)
  • No fragrance
The inky list eye cream
The consistency of inkey list caffeine eye cream is pretty concentrated

The “not so” good things about the product:

I have to leave this list blank cause I did not find anything I hate about this product.  

Would I recommend it? …

Yes, of course, definitely….Do I have to say more?

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