The 5 best skin care tips for every skin type

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Let’s confess, once in a while you meet someone in your life whose flawless skin makes you doubt your own self-worth (Trust me you are not alone!).

You keep wondering what’s their secret formula, are they drinking  any magic potion (other than water?) or it’s the super expensive products? Well, are you ready for the truth? (drumrolls please!) IT’S NONE OF THEM! 

Glowing, flawless skin is every girls dream, I mean who wants to spend money on those expensive makeup products when you can literally wear your skin bare, right? It sounds appealing but it is not easy, umm hmm NOPE! 

Then the question is, will the spotless flawless skin always be a dream? HELL NO! By doing the right thing you can also have camera perfect complexion and make everyone jealous. 

So what are the right things? I am here to tell you. Simply follow these tips I have gathered for all of you and see the difference. Trust me it is worth it and you will have no complaints I promise: 

Use more natural products

Don’t get me wrong, by natural products I am not saying you should go bananas over all those organic skin care lines out there. No, no, no! 

If you can afford, of course no harm buying those, but by saying “natural” I mean is use all the ingredients you often find in your home. You can rely on those DIY masks, they work wonder (saying from personal experience). Some people prefer to make their own cream and facewash too, that  is even better. In addition, try to use less makeup on your skin because, at the end of the day they all are chemicals! 

Have a mindfulness routine everyday

A lot of people think they can look good without putting much effort on feeling good. It’s a misconception. 

Your mindfulness rituals are as important as your skin care routine or diet. Set aside some time for your mental health every day. You can do meditation or journaling. Also writing daily about what you are grateful of is a very nice practice and can make you feel happier. “A happy girl is a pretty girl!”

Drink green tea

Green tea is arguably the best drink you can have for your skin. It is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients which not only help to fight acnes but also to control sebum production. It can actually be considered as the magic potion which will help you in so many ways that you can’t help but glow! 

Eat healthy

Diet is so important when it comes to maintain a blemish free healthy skin. The condition of your skin speaks about your diet and lifestyle. Eating green vegetables and fruits daily is necessary to glow as they contain antioxidants. Also fruits with vitamin C promote radiant skin and help blemishes heal properly. 

Moisturize your skin often

I don’t care what skin type you’ve got, you have to; I repeat; you have to moisturize your skin to make it look healthy. For oily skin, it might be a little tricky than others, still you have to do it. Moisturizer is your skin’s food and skin needs it on daily basis. Try to moisturize every time you wash your face, especially after a bath cause hot showers usually makes your skin dry and more hungry for moisture. 

Your skin health does matter cause you wear it every day. Do not deprive it from what it requires as after this post you know exactly what needs to be done. Once you know, acting on it becomes easy. So don’t waste any more time and start following these now! 

infographic summarizing the 5 skin care tips- flawless skin
The 5 simple skin care tips for every skin type

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