How to Take Care of Your Skin While You Are in Self-isolation

Girl doing skin care at home during self-isolation

Social distancing has become the new “normal“. Staying up till 3am and watching Netflix all day seems pretty okay, until you look in the mirror and notice your skin is losing the glow (panic alert)! But worry not! In this article I am going to cover how to do that extra step of skin care to bring back the glow, while you are practicing self-isolation like a good citizen.

Doesn’t matter who are you and what type of skin you have…

Taking care of your skin is always a priority, especially when you’re at self-isolation. Daily washing and hydrating along with face masks are a MUST. In addition, practicing self-care is also necessary.

But before that…why you need to take care of your skin while you are following social distancing and at home always?

I know you might be wondering that. But believe it or not, going outside can actually help your skin.

Fresh air can open your pores. And when your pores are open. Due to the opening of pores, your skin can breathe well by as there are less blockages. The fresh environment helps your skin to get rid of tall the toxins pretty easily, so skin feels much better with a youthful glow.

Another interesting fact is, your skin absorbs a small amount of oxygen through the pores when it’s exposed to fresh air. Oxygen stimulates collagen production and gives your skin a glowy, dewy look.

women enjoying outside rather than self-isolation
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Okay enough here and there. Now let’s talk about how you can still have that glowing look while you are social distancing and stuck at home:

1.Wash your face frequently

The most important thing to maintain a healthy while social distancing is washing your face frequently. “But I am home always, why I need to?“, I know … but washing your face frequently will open your pores. As your skin is not exposed to fresh air anymore, it is essential that you wash your face to unclog those pores by splash of water.

Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

Opening the pores helps the skin to remove the wastes. If you have an acne prone skin, it’s even more important.

However, keep in mind that washing frequently is fine, only if you wash not more than 3 times with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. Harsh cleansers might do more harm than good. So always use a gentle cleanser, no matter what your skin type is.

2. Hydrate your skin

This one is obvious. When you are washing your face, some of the natural oils are being striped off of your skin. Thus hydrating is the most important step of while you are doing skin care at home.

You can hydrate your skin in 2 ways. I always use a hydration serum before I use moisturizer to make sure my skin plumed.

Another tip which I always recommend, you can buy a hydration mist and spray it whenever you feel your skin is dry. When you are in self-isolation, the constant exposure to heating system can make your skin lose moisture. In that case hydration mist can come at rescue.

If you are tight in budget, no worries! You can use plain rosewater as your facial hydration mist which will save you some bucks.

Women holding spray in front of her face
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Also, if you want to go extra mile to hydrate your skin, invest in a humidifier. That will save your skin from drying for sure.

Another nifty tip is, try face-steaming at home. Steaming helps a lot, especially those who are suffering from dehydrated skin. It also increases blood circulation on your face, along with a blast of hydration to the surface. Works for me every time, I swear!

3. Use face masks

For those who don’t know there are two types of face masks. One is supposed to be rinsed off and one is left overnight then washed next day.

doing skin care at home with face masks
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Face masks which needs to be washed off are better for detoxing and unclogging pores. The most common ones used in this category are the clay masks.

Clay masks are great to pull of all the toxins and impurities that has been layering on your skin’s surface. They also absorb excess oil produced by your skin when you are stressed due to self-isolation and all those nerve wracking news. So include clay masks while doing skin care at home, at least 2/3 times in a week.

However, a lot of people believe that using clay masks will make their skin dry. THAT IS A MYTH!

Clay masks don’t strip all the sebum from the skin. Rather they just brush off the sebum and dead skin cells which prevent moisture absorption on the top layer of the skin. Clay masks followed with a hydrating serum or moisturizer can give you a hydrated and glowing look, trust me!

Another type of mask, which you are supposed to put overnight is also necessary during your social distancing. Why? Cause as I said earlier your skin needs extra hydration when you are inside always. And night masks can prevent moisture loss while you are sleeping, leaving your skin more plumed in the morning.

4. Self care

following self care at self-isolation
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Humans are social animals. Once in a while, self-isolation is fun. But if you are stuck at home every day, stress can take over. Not to forget the news and panic everyone is spreading on social media!

Going outside not only does good to your skin, it also elevates the stress and anxiety. But as you can’t do that while you are in self-isolation, it is better to try some mindfulness.

You can do yoga which is really good for both the mental and physical health. If yoga is not your cup of tea, try journaling. Before going to bed write at least 3 things you are grateful of. I know it is hard to force your mind to be grateful when all you are doing is watching how the world is falling apart. But remember, there is always something to be thankful of!

If you still feel you don’t have time for these, I have something for you. Do the breathing exercise for 1 min, at least 1/2 times in a day. It will reduce your stress too.

To wrap up…

Social distancing is not easy. Specially when the world is going through such crisis. It can have a serious impact on your mental and physical health, including your skin. However every challenge can be seen as an opportunity to grow. Consider this self-isolation as an opportunity for you to be a good citizen and do the self-care you have been postponing for ages.

And lastly, no matter how much it hurts, stay home, stay safe. Be responsible 😇

For updates about Covid-19 and information on how to keep yourself safe, visit WHO and the CDC.

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