Skin care in Spring: Protect your skin with these 5 Spring skin care tips

Women smelling flower of Spring and glowing with spring skin care

The days with no sun and full of snows are over (phew). Finally spring is here and as a skin care enthusiast, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the skin care transition from Winter to Spring. Skin care in Spring is much different than Winter in so many ways. When I realized the fact, I could not stop myself to write these 5 super useful Spring skin care tips for all of you. Let’s begin.

But before that lets learn how Spring affects your skin?

Winter has a bad reputation for its dry and harsh nature. After spending most of the time inside your cozy home, everyone wants to go out in Spring. The sun is often visible. Also the warm breeze is just perfect to go out and enjoy. Having said that, the longer you spend time outside, the more UV exposure you have. Due to the increase in outdoor activity, skin is also more prone to sweat. The combination of the sweat and humid air along with sun rays can increase the sebum production of your skin. As a result breakouts might happen. On top of that, this season is known for allergies such as itchy nose and eye. It forces to have a frequent contact of your skin with your hand which might transfer the bacteria and dirt to the facial skin. leading to irritation. And nobody wants that!

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Skin care in Spring thus important to follow for protecting the skin from the frequent sun, irritants and extreme humidity.

Tip #1: Go for a lighter moisturizer during Spring

It’s time to ditch the heavy moisturizer you were using in Winter! The humid air and constant rain can make your skin look greasy in Spring. Wearing a thick moisturizer therefore won’t help in Spring, rather can clog your pores.

I usually start using gel moisturizers as soon as I notice the sun is out there frequently. My face sweats a lot (anyone else can feel me?). Just 10 minutes under sun and bam I look all glittery! That is why gel moisturizers are my BFF in Spring skin care.

Using moisturizer in Spring
Use a lighter moisturizer during Spring so it won’t weigh your skin down
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Gel moisturizers are great for Spring skin care routine for any skin type. It will hydrate your skin but won’t make you look like you have just gotten out of an oil bath (I do look like that sometimes I swear!)! One of my favourite gel moisturizer is Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost from tarte cosmetics.

Tip #2: Level up your SPF game

Before you start judging me, YES you have to wear a sunscreen always. No matter it’s Spring or Winter or Summer (obvio!). But during Spring, the sun and you ofcourse, are always out there. Which means you are more exposed to UV rays. On top of that, the warmer weather will make you sweat. Thus one of the most essential Spring skin care tips is applying and reapplying the sunscreen. Trust me it is a MUST.

Sun protection is important part of Spring skin care
Use SPF during Spring time to prevent sun damage to your skin
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If you are lazy like me (welcome to the club!), you can also use a moisturizer with SPF. Usually you should always wear at least SPF 15. However, during Spring or Summer make sure the the SPF is not below 30!

Tip #3: Exfoliate the Winter cells away

Winter can leave a layer of dead cells on your skin. In my article about Winter skin care, I did mention not to exfoliate too much during the cold season as that might make your skin more dry. So, when the Spring starts, get rid of those leftover dead cells which have been layering up. Sometimes letting go is better than holding on, remember?

Scrubbing away the dead cells can help your skin to absorb products more easily
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To exfoliate the skin, you can start your Spring skin care with a gentle exfoliator. A gentle exfoliator won’t rip off the natural oil layer. But it will definitely leave the skin smooth and fresh. My favourite gentle exfoliator is from Cetaphil. It’s super cheap (forever a broke gal!) and easy to use. Although this scrub can be used daily, I wouldn’t recommend to use it more than 3 times in a week. Anything too much is not good, okay?

If you are one of those who are too scared to put a physical exfoliator, I got you covered. You can try chemical exfoliators like AHAs and BHAs. These can slough off the top layer of dead skin and reveal a brighter and rejuvenated skin.

Tip #4: Don’t forget your eye cream in your Spring skin care

Okay, don’t laugh at me. This one sounds silly but is important. In Spring, the sun is prominent. Hence, when people are out, they are continuously squinting their eyes. This can cause serious fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (even though you are not a grandma yet!). Not to forget, the damage from the free radicals from sun rays.

To prevent these, include an eye cream with concentrated antioxidants and peptides in your Spring skin care. Both of these are known to fight with the free radicals from UV rays and plum up the fine lines. The area near the eye is very sensitive. So, it requires the same amount of attention, sometimes even more.

Don’t leave the eye cream cause it is as important as your SPF
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Tip #5: Hydrate inside and out

In Spring, keeping yourself hydrated is much more important (like every other season!). After months of gloomy cold weather, you finally get the chance to go out and enjoy the sun. But due to the warmer temperature your body will sweat and lose minerals. Thus keeping yourself hydrated is important.

In addition to that, keeping your skin hydrated is also essential. One of the nifty Spring skin care tips which personally I always follow is using a facial mist whenever I feel my face is greasy or dull. Keep a facial mist with you whenever you are going out. It can refresh your skin while getting rid of the oil and making it hydrated. Your skin will look more fresh and smooth this way, even if you have been under the sun for long.

Staying hydrated will help you to survive in Spring
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I agree skin care in Spring is much easier to maintain than the skin care in Winter. But, the increased exposure to UV rays and the humid weather can have a toll on your skin if you don’t prepare it for the season.

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