Homemade skin care: Do not try these 5 DIY skin care on your face ever

Homemade skin care recipes are everywhere in the internet, starting from Pinterest to Instagram feeds. Every now and then you come across to an article where someone is preaching how much money they saved using DIY skin care. I won’t lie, there are some DIY masks they do work and I am a big FAN of those. But not all of them are good for your skin. In fact some can be dangerous. Today I am going to talk about 5 of those homemade skin care recipes which you should never dare to use on your face.

Baking Soda Exfoliating Mask

It’s quite common that ingredients you find in your kitchen are often found in your skin care products. That does not mean you can make your own homemade skin care masks without fully understanding its mechanism. For example, some skin care gurus might encourage you to use baking soda as an exfoliant. But it can potentially damage your skin.

Bicarbonate in a wooden spoon-homemade skin care
Baking soda is good for so many things, except your face, Photo by healthy holistic living

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has a pH that is much much higher than the pH our skin maintains. Our skin is slightly acidic. The very fine acidic film on the surface our skin acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants. Using baking soda on your skin can imbalance the pH of your skin and damages this barrier. As a result irritation, dryness and infections can show up.

Do your skin a favor, leave the baking soda for your kitchen use only.

Sugar and Honey Scrub

Don’t get me wrong. Honey can add a glow to your skin by delivering moisture. It’s the sugar you should be concerned about.

You must be wondering “hey you it works, it makes my skin smooth!”. Albeit, it does. Sugar is great as an exfoliator and can remove dead cells. The problem is sugar crystals are big and rough for your skin which will leave scratches on the surface. Yes they do what they say: remove old cells but at the cost of microscopic cuts and tears. And no DIY recipe is worth that cut!

sugar crystals used in homemade skin care recipe of sugar honey
Sugar crystals are hard, rough and textured

It might work for short term use. Using it for a long term can show serious skin issues. Micro cuts can disturb the protective barrier function of the skin and expose the skin to infection.

Coconut oil as moisturizer

This homemade skin care recipe is the most common one. Coconut oil is known for their hydrating nature because of high content of fatty acids. But using it on face is a big NO, no matter how much people claim its benefits.

fingers merging on oil jar- coconut oil for DIY skin care recipes
Coconut oil is not suitable to use on face. Photo by Malvestida Magazine 

Coconut oil is very thick and occlusive in nature. Instead of making your skin clear, it can clog your pores and cause breakouts. The problem worsens if you have oily acne prone skin.Moreover, coconut oil is classified as a comedogenic and has a rating 4 out of 5 in the comedogenic scale. So it is better if you keep this out from your DIY skin care.

Lemon and Water Mask

When life gives you lemons, you should never put those on your face!

Squeezing lemons for making DIY recipe of lemon water
Lemons are good source of vitamin C but not to your face! Photo by Heather Gill 

It all started with the hype of vitamin C in skin care products. Vitamin C is proven to remove dark spots and brightens the skin. This concept works when you are using a well researched and formulated vitamin C serum. On the other hand, using a raw lemon as a source of vitamin C for your face will do more harm than doing good.

We all know lemons are acidic. They have a pH close to 2. This acidic nature of lemons makes it risky to use on the facial skin. As I mentioned earlier, skin has its own acid mantle which protects it from external bad guys. Applying something acidic like lemon can damage that acid mental by screwing up its pH. On top of that, the strong acidic nature of lemons can actually burn your skin. Ouch!

Saying from personal experience in this homemade skin care mask…

I used this DIY recipe of lemon, water once and my skin turned all red. I have sensitive skin, so this DIY skin care was a disaster for me.

If you are really looking for vitamin C treatments, go for a low concentrated vitamin C serum.

Toothpaste as Acne Treatment

I get it, acnes are hard to deal. Still… using a homemade recipe for acne might not be a smart idea. Especially if that DIY recipe has inflammatory ingredients like baking soda, peroxide or occasionally menthol. Toothpastes contain all these harsh ingredients which can make your skin peeling and dry.

toothpaste of surface
Toothpastes are good for teeth, save your skin from it. Photo by Farmer’s Almanac

Yes, your acne might heal temporarily but in the long run it will show signs of irritation and other skin issues. You want to know the worse part? Using toothpaste on your zits can sometimes leave dark spots and discoloration on your skin. Instead of applying such a harsh ingredient, try salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which are proven to work for acne.

But, not all the homemade skin care masks are bad…

Although these ingredients don’t work well for your skin, there are several others which do and I will talk about those some other day. With the right knowledge, anything can be aced, it can be DIY skin care or comercial skin care.

I am not saying you should ditch homemade skin care recipes, nope! You can try those which are better for your skin. But before you be the master of the DIY skin care, keep on mind that some ingredients are better left where they are : IN THE KITCHEN!

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