What I think about CÉLA – seed to skin full body scrub?

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Let’s be honest, we always put much emphasize on our face. So much that we forget to take care of our body (guilty!).

Like face, the skin of your whole body needs to get rid of dead cells too. Thus, it is better to exfoliate your body at least twice in a week.

Having said that, recently I came across one body exfoliator, Seed to Skin Scrub from a unique Canadian luxury skin care line, Céla. Today I am going to review it. Ready?

A bit about the brand…

Céla is a pure Canadian brand (yayy). It is founded by Celine Tadrissi who is the owner of an award winning spa in Toronto. The company’s moto is to incorporate nature’s botanical blessings with skin care. It’s a pretty new brand and the target audience of the brand is those who like nature sourced products.

The product and it’s star ingredients…

I received the product as a part of my IPSY glam bag. My first reaction towards the product was “interesting”! The package has a whole galaxy feeling on it and somehow gives you a glance of the universe. In case of packaging, I must say Céla did a very good job. It really looks fancy (Clap clap!).

Nevertheless, there was one thing which I was not so happy about

The product is a body scrub (assuming from the texture of the scrub!), yet I did not see the word “body” anywhere on the packaging. I don’t want to sound dumb… but initially I thought it is a facial scrub (happens, okay?).

To my surprise, a lot of people actually thought the same. Some people even reviewed it as a face scrub on IPSY and did not like it! I know they put the instructions. Well..not everyone on earth reads instruction. Also, it was not clear.

Coming to the ingredients…

The body scrub has some very useful ingredients

  • Abyssinian oil
  • Cupuaçu seed powder
  • Cedarwood and Patchouli essential oil
  • Shea butter

Along with these there are some other elements Céla combined in this product such as Coconut, Jojoba and Soy oil which will help the skin to hydrate and heal.


Céla full body scrub
Photo from Céla

Chunk of science …

You might be wondering what is this Abyssinian oil? You are not alone! Céla chose this as the star ingredient of this product so I was also curious about this.

Abyssinian oil is a non-greasy natural seed oil. It is extracted from the seed named Crambe abyssinica. Apparently Abyssinian oil is considered to be the future of skin care industry because of its unique properties.

The oil has a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids (Erucic acid). As a result, it is resistant to oxidation. Also, it helps the skin of the body to remain moisturized and hydrated. No wonder why it is the star ingredient!

Other than that, Abyssinian oil has Linoleic and Linolenic Acids

Linoleic Acid, being an Omega 6 fatty acid, can help the skin with regeneration. Whereas, Linolenic Acid which is an Omega 3 acid, possesses anti-inflammatory, cell-communicating, and skin conditioning properties. Amazing, right?

Image describing 4 star ingredients
These are four of the ingredients of this product which makes it unique

Enough about Abyssinian oil!

Moving to the next ingredients…Cedarwood and Patchouli essential oil. Both these essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties . These ingredients help the skin to be smooth and prevent dryness.

Another unique ingredient in this product is Cupuaçu seed powder

The powder comes from an Amazonian super fruit named Cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum). It’s actually a very heavy fruit and contains 30-50 seeds which is surrounded by a yellow soft pulp.

The seeds have a higher percentage of fat content and often converted into powder for commercial use. The powder is  often used as a moisturizing alternative to shea butter as it absorbs in skin very quickly. Some of the other advantage of Cupuaçu seed powder is it improves the firmness of the skin, leaving the skin more smooth and hydrated.

Now, coming to the most common ingredient in this product, shea butter

Like Cupuaçu, shea butter is also derived from a fruit named Shea (of course!). The butter is enriched with fatty acids and mostly used as a moisturizer. The Oleic, Stearic, Palmitic, and Linolenic acids in shea butter prevents skin from drying. It also helps protecting skin’s natural oils of your body’s skin (goodie!).

My personal experience…

I will be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I started using the product. I neither had much knowledge about the product nor the brand. However, the experience was not that bad. I loved some aspects of it. Some I think can be improved.

The body scrub is instructed to be applied in in the middle of the shower. Especially when your skin is a bit softer and moist. I followed the procedure. The scrub was so creamy that it was actually melting on my skin! It’s texture is good for a body scrub. But for a face it would be a bit harsh.

The most amazing part of the product is its smell. The sweet yummy scent of this scrub will definitely make you fall in love with it.

The bottom line is…

Yes my skin felt softer after shower, but the scrub left a heavy greasy feeling on my body which I really didn’t like. Personally, I like my skin moisturized but not greasy. I had to put my shower gel twice to get rid of that sticky oily feeling. That was a huge turn off!

The good things:

  • The amazing scent
  • The texture of the scrub
  • Interesting packaging
  • Makes skin softer

The “not so” good things:

  • I was not completely sure from the packaging whether it is a body scrub or a facial scrub. Even if it is meant for both, I would say the scrub is too harsh for facial skin.  
  • The strong oily feeling afterwards (OMG!)

Would I recommend it?…

Maybe not. I know there are other body scrubs out there which are better than Céla’s Seed to Skin Scrub. It made my skin smooth, yes.. but it just did  not meet my own expectations. Specially that greasy feeling….a BIG NO for me!

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