My affordable nighttime skincare routine for combination skin

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Having an affordable skin care routine and making it work is every broke girl’s dream. We all know following two separate skin care routines for both day and night is important to have a healthy skin. The problem is having two routine costs so much that some people can only afford to stick only with their day time routine and skip the other one. If you are one them, trust me when I say you can have a nighttime beauty routine spending less than 100$. In this article, I am going to share with you my own affordable skin care routine which you can follow without spending a fortune.

But before that, why do we even need a nighttime beauty routine?

Your day time skin care routine is more like preparing your skin for the sun, dirt, stress, oil and pollution it is going to face (literally!) whole day. Whereas your nighttime beauty routine is more like treating your skin after it went through all these and making it ready for the regenerative process of sleep. In simple words, the morning routine is more for protection and nighttime routine is more for restoration.

Some experts even believe that except the SPF part of the day routine, nighttime beauty routine holds more importance for a healthy skin. I can’t blame them.

During sleep the skin undergoes cell generation and repairs the damage done throughout the day. That is why it is so essential to provide all the necessary weapons to your skin so that the repair process becomes easier for it. As a result your skin will look more clear next morning your and can handle anything that comes its way.

Unfortunately despite all of the advantages, people tend to skip the nighttime skin care routine

Most of the time because they are just lazy or just don’t want to spend another few bucks. But you will be amazed to know, you don’t always have to buy a whole extra lot of products for an evening routine. Except some products, which work better when you are having the shut eye.

As a minimalist skin care lover, I always believe you can maintain a nighttime beauty routine using only few products. Remember, it’s about consistency not quantity. A simple nighttime skin care routine consists of two cleansers, eye cream, a skin serum and a good nighttime moisturizer. You need to have only these five products. And you are good to go!

One simple tip

If you are always lazy to follow a nighttime routine: start your routine right after finishing the dinner. Because often it happens you wait until you go to bed. By that time you are already tired and lazy. And who wants to do a routine when all they can think about the fluffy bed? (not me of course!)

My simple and affordable nighttime skin care routine

I don’t care what the experts say, I believe in minimalist skin care. My skin type is combination and it is so sensitive that it reacts almost to anything. So I always have to be very cautious about not putting too many products. For my evening beauty routine, I follow a 5 step based affordable skin care routine. All the products in that routine are from drugstore.

Step 1

I start my nighttime beauty routine with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil For Face. I like this cleansing oil cause it ii’s only 8.97 CAD. This cleanser is not only good at price. It is also very good for removing all the grime that has been on my skin whole day. Cleansing oils are a great start for an evening routine cause they are excellent for deep cleansing and removes any impurities, bacteria as well as dead skin cells.

Step 2

Next I use a gentle cleanser from Cetaphil. Here is the thing: you should always go for gentle cleanser for your nighttime beauty routine. As I mentioned before, the skin repairs its cell at night. Using a harsh cleanser will pull too much moisture and natural oils off your skin which will interfere the restoration process of your skin.

Step 3

After cleanser I pat dry my face and use the eye cream. Now some of you might ask, why I skipped toner? As I said my skin is sensitive combination type. Thus using too much toner makes it dry. So I use toner in my day time routine only. For my skin type, using it once works just fine.

I take a pea size of the caffeine eye cream from The inky list and dab gently. I prefer to use my eye cream at night (except in some occasions when I spend the whole night binge watching netflix!).

Some experts suggest, applying it as a part of the morning routine makes the skin harder to absorb it as there are more products on top of it.

Step 4

Now in case of serum, I use either 1% retinol or 5% Lactic acid from The ordinary. I alternate between these two. They are also wallet friendly products and gives you the glow. Retinol is excellent to use at night as the skin does most the rejuvenation whilst you sleep. So retinol can help the skin with that.

Lactic acid is another great active to include in nighttime skin care routine. It helps the skin to get rid of older, dull cells from the surface. As a result your skin will look more fresh and clean in the next morning.

Step 5 (the last step of my nighttime skin care routine phew!)

I close my routine with a good moisturizer which has skin-replenishing ingredients. If you are not familiar with the term it is okay. Skin-replenishing ingredients are those which help the skin to revive its surface and provide hydration. These ingredients make your skin smooth and hydrated. Some of my favorite skin-replenishing ingredients are hyaluronic acid, ceramide, glycerin, sodium PCA.

Night cream for nighttime skin care routine
Cetaphil hydrating night cream

As a last step, I use a night cream from Cetaphil. I like this cream as Cetaphil hydrating night cream provides intense overnight hydration and makes my skin look more plumped.

My nighttime skin care routine products
My nighttime skin care routine products

Just to add…

Apart from these products, I use sheet masks twice in a week for different purposes such as hydration and skin repairing. I include that before my moisturizer and skip the serums during that routine.

My skin right before I am heading to bed (no filters guys!)

How much does this nighttime skin care routine cost me?

If you are still curious why I called this as an affordable nighttime skin care routine, here it is for you…

  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil – C$8.97
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – C$12.00 
  • The inky list caffeine eye cream – C$9.99
  • 1% retinol from or 5% Lactic acid The ordinary – C$6.70 / C$6.50
  • The cetaphil hydrating night cream – C$15.97
  • and the optional products: per drugstore sheet mask costs me – C$4~6

The whole routine costs roughly around C$65 which is reasonable for a broke girl like me. All hail to drugstore products!!!

Infographic about nighttime skin care routine
Nighttime skin care routine steps summarized

A nighttime skin care routine is as important as the morning one so skipping it due to financial reason is not worth it. Hopefully my affordable nighttime routine inspires you to start one and let you give your skin the pamper it requires.

my nighttime skin care routine

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