A beginner’s guide to skin care: The basic 3 step cleansing routine

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Having a perfect cleansing routine is on every girl’s bucket list. But knowing from where to start can be pretty overwhelming. 

The good news is, every skin care expert have been there (I swear!). It’s crucial to have a skin care routine that is easy to follow but it is hell lot of confusing!

Worry not, I got you covered!

The first and foremost thing about skin care routine…

Before you start any skin care routine, the first step is self-awareness. No, I am not talking about spirituality (phew!), it’s about knowing your own skin type. It’s the most basic thing, yet can be crucial so don’t forget to check.

If you are a beginner and want to know your skin type, you can simply do the bare face method at home. How to do it? Pretty simple! Just wash your face with any gentle cleanser and pat dry. Do not put any moisturizer or anything, and leave it bare. After 30 mins, check your cheeks, nose and forehead. If your nose and forehead shines, great… you have a combination skin. If your cheeks shines along with your nose and forehead, you have a shiny (read oily) skin. However, if nothing shines and the skin feels parched, it means you have a dry skin! Easy-peasy!

Now you are qualified to start cleansing routine… 

In this stage, you already know your skin type so you can start level 2, which is basic cleansing.  

So, how should you do the cleansing? Assuming you are a beginner, let me tell you first why it’s the most important step of any skin care routine (you can thank me later!).

The skin is the most sensitive organ in your body and is exposed to dirt, pollutants, bacteria every day. If you do not cleanse it properly, the skin might store all the excess sebum, dirt and makeup leftover. It will result in clogged pores and breakouts (also bad selfies!)

That is why it is so important to have a good cleansing routine.

But hey, what is a good cleansing routine?

Good question! A good cleansing routine consists of 3 basic steps:

  1. Oil based cleansing 
  2. Water based cleansing and
  3. Toning 

In the first step of your cleansing routine…

Use an oil based cleanser! Careful, some people might suggest you to use oil from your kitchen, but using just any oil can make your skin breakout. For example, using a sunflower oil is good for an oily skin but it won’t work for a combination skin. The basic idea behind this type of cleansing is to dissolve all the oil based dirt (makeup, SPF, sebum) and get rid of them. To do this cleansing, simply massage the oil on your face and wash it with a warm cloth. 

The routine will then be continued with..

A gentle water based cleanser! Any gentle foaming face wash will do the work of removing the water based impurities. Just massage the facewash on your face for at least 1 min and wash with lukewarm water. 

Finally close your cleansing routine…

After you pat dry your face, you have to use a toner. Pay attention! A lot of people skip this step cause they think its not necessary. WRONG! You remember that quote, “all’s well that ends well”? Your skin follows that too. Finish the routine with a gentle toner (again, according to your skin type). And after letting it soak for 1 min, put a good moisturizer. 

This was the first baby step towards having a perfect skin care. If you begin your journey with this easy cleansing routine, trust me your skin will thank you and you will see it in the mirror! 

If you find all these information too much to digest, you can follow this infographic (you are welcome!) :

infographic describing 3 steps of cleansing

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