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Welcome To My Blog of Skin and Skincare

Hi everyone! I am Salmeen and this is my beauty blog focused on skin and skin care. My posts are mostly about face and skincare. However, I also write about my obsession with skincare treatments and review the products I use personally for my face and skin treatment

These days the internet is full of information. But finding useful skincare tips can be pretty hard. This motivated me to start this blog. I have a super sensitive combination skin that reacts almost anything. So along with tips, sometimes I write about my own skin routines for combination skin also, hoping that it might help someone like me.

If you are like me, who is always looking for nifty skin care tips and love to try skin care products which actually work, good news… you are in the right place. Let’s explore the amazing world of skin care and meet skin goals together. Cause trust me, you are totally worth it.

So, what is my story? I am glad you asked!

My love for skin and skincare started since I was in high school. I used to have my own face and skin routines and DIY facial masks which certainly made my mom annoyed so many times. But did that stop me? Hell No! I always enjoyed a bit of self-care every day and soon got addicted to it. 

As I started getting older, I noticed people started praising my face and skin. And they take my skincare tips and suggestions for face, skin treatment pretty seriously. That motivated me to share my thoughts and suggestions about and…viola I am here!!!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and skin care is my passion. The great thing about my academic background is it helps me a lot to understand the skin care science. Handy right?

Trying (read experimenting!) different skin care products and routines to find out what works the best and what not are my hobbies. I know, I know…I am a total skin care nerd, guilty!

But wait…don’t get me wrong, like you I am also always searching for good skincare tips. I read a lot and experiment a lot before sharing tips with you. So maybe I am not an expert…but I can surely assure you that all my skin and skincare tips and reviews are well studied and researched.

Now, all you have to do is buckle up and enjoy the read!